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Area Rugs: serve a wide variety of purposes in home d├ęcor. Area rugs can be used to tie the look of a room together. They can help define spaces within a larger room or add a touch of warmth, texture and color. They can help separate functional areas of a room by setting them off, as well as serving to tie different elements of room design together.

On a purely practical level, area rugs cushion and protect hard wood or stone floors. They help insulate a room and protect your feet from cold floors. An area rug helps absorb sound in a room, and can be used to hide an unattractive or damaged floor.

When using a rug under a dining table the rug should measure at least 4' longer and wider than the dining room table, so chairs will not fall off the rug when pushed back from the table. It is recommended that rugs used to fill a room should leave a border of 18" to 24" on all sides while hallway rugs should leave be approximately 2" to 4" narrower and 18" to 24" shorter than the hallway.

The amount of care needed to help maintain the beauty of these rugs will vary according to the area rug's material and construction as well as the specific usage.

We can fabricate a custom sized area rug using any of the carpets we carry in the store. You can also check out rug programs offered by various suppliers in the "Brands We Carry" links.
Brands we carry:
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Prestige Mills
Milliken Carpets
Kane Carpets
Prestige Mills
Brink & Campman
Binding Options

Border binding options include cotton, linen, cotton chenille, textured leather, jute, tape binding or exact match serging (see A below), and UV stabilized binding. Width sizes vary upon the material used.

Rugs can be fabricated utilizing a carpet with coordinating border up to 9", or coordinating runner border.

• Choose a carpet to use as your "field", which is the main area of the rug.
• Determine desired "finished" rug size, which will include the border or binding width.
• If selecting a border then choose its placement, see option B or C shown here.